Roger Glovsky has been integral to the success of several of my businesses. Roger incorporated my first startup, and then was our counsel through our startup and growth phases. He was always able to hone his legal advice with his own startup experience and business acumen. It wasn’t until we sold that company and I had to start using the acquirer’s “downtown” firm that I realized just how valuable Roger’s unique perspective is. I have referred him to many other startups, and have had the pleasure of engaging him myself at several later startups. His help has played a significant role in my own achievements.

Peter S., Business Owner

I was just about to do what many creative entrepreneurs do—jump into a partnership without thinking it through—when I decided to experience Roger’s strategy session. It made me re-think the partnership and, ultimately, hold off on it. The two hours we spent together saved me, in the long run, many more, not to mention energy and mindshare, going in the wrong direction.

The strategy session was fun and Roger’s enthusiasm was palpable. Perhaps the most challenging for me was to explain the work I do, something that had always left me tongue-tied. With Roger’s facilitation, I was able to explain it and look objectively at it.

Perhaps the greatest takeaway from the session with Roger was a look at the potential pros and cons of the pending partnership, thanks to a tool he had, the Expectation Matrix. It allowed me to put down on paper the pros and cons of the relationship—what he calls the “give” and “get”—before entering the arrangement and see it objectively. Thanks to that process, it became evident that the partnership as I had envisioned it would have to be revised if it was to work for me.

Carolyn Miller, Culture Shape, LLC

In the five years that Roger Glovsky has been my lawyer, I have been consistently impressed not just by the quality of his work, but also by his ability to use legal strategy to streamline the process in a way that reduces cost, and often makes it possible to deliver results on a fixed fee basis.

Jim Hassett, LegalBizDev

I came to Roger for advice on exiting a start up I was involved with. Not only did he help navigate the legal situation, but he had invaluable advice in negotiating favorable terms. I could tell he had done this before and he had a lot of great ideas of how to approach the situation. Whenever I had a question or a series of emails for him to look over, he was always responsive and had detailed, insightful replies. I don’t think the process would have ended anywhere near as well for me if I had someone else helping me. The fact that he is a mix of legal expertise and business acumen is what saved the day. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Stuart Small, Entrepreneur

Attorney Roger Glovsky gets it! I met with him recently to determine the best way to set up a business to sell. His legal strategy session answered questions I didn’t even know I had. After Roger established our agenda, we were off and running – it was fast-paced, interactive, highly informative with great suggestions for how to address anticipated results before they become legal issues. I went in to the meeting with an idea and came out with a plan – and it was fun. Roger is an enthusiastic coach and impressive legal guide. I now have the tools to not only establish my new business and manage many legal issues I will face, but do it with confidence.

Beverly Green, Personal Stylist

I don’t know another guy in America who can have his clients walking out of a 4 hour legal strategy session as happy and excited as I was. Roger’s genius is that he can blend his prodigious experience in both business and law with his razor sharp intellect and vision to help others craft a business that is more valuable than the one they walked in with. I feel like I am so much better equipped to help my clients, my team, and my business affiliates because of what we covered. Roger does business the right way, with heart and head, and will help you find the gold in what you do, too. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then you need to sit down with Roger.

Richard Palmer-Smith, Bigger Better More LLC

Starting a new business quickly becomes a complex mixture of vision, goals and intent culminating into a massive to-do list. I brought my vision and to-do list into a legal strategy session. Roger applied his seasoned experience towards unraveling my vision into a tangible business model and random to-do list into focused action items. Simply, I walked into the session with “What I wanted to do” and walked out with “How to do it” peppered with a smile of gratitude. Although the road ahead is where the hard work begins, Roger armed me with a compass. THANKS Roger!

iLona Major, we2change L.L.C.

Speaking with lawyers is somewhat of a scary ordeal, however Roger Glovsky breaks the mold by making everything manageable and easy to comprehend. I was compelled to meet with Roger after he gave a unique talk at a local Meetup group. I was not disappointed. He has a groundbreaking approach to finding what is most important to protect in your business, which is unparalleled to any lawyer or legal system that I have encountered thus far. I now have a clear picture of what I need to do in order to protect my business, which is very empowering, and I suggest that any business looking to protect its ‘Secret Sauce’ should make an appointment ASAP.

Trevor Mickelson, Tortoise & Hare Financial Affairs

I usually think of legal strategies as a way to protect my uhmm, assets, not as a way to generate new ones. Roger changed my mind! I came away from our meeting with new insights and ideas on how to best generate revenue in a new business venture I’m pursuing. Roger offers a unique combination of business savvy and legal expertise that comes from years of experience working with a variety of businesses. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he manages to make legal strategies not only understandable and meaningful but also entertaining and compelling. I actually had fun discussing legal issues — imagine that! If you haven’t had a strategy session yet with Roger, do it. I’m betting you’ll come away with revenue generating ideas for your business that you hadn’t even considered.

Sharon Thomson, Sixth Street Productions

I found the services offered by your company very helpful, and even better, quickly understandable and relatable to my needs. I felt that I was heard clearly, that my needs were correctly identified, and my options and potentials clearly communicated back to me. I deeply appreciate the effort spent on helping me to understand the often confusing and intimidating legal landscape surrounding my business plans. I feel like my own business learning curve has been sped up greatly, saving me invaluable time and energy.

Jack Collins, Human Plasticity

My work with Roger, during the Gold Mine Legal Strategy Session, brought me clarity and insight to the services my business will provide. This process is valuable at any stage of business development as it works to focus, clarify and streamline your process so that you walk away with the very next steps to make your business take flight. Roger helped me to see the hidden gold in my creations and to put it into a manageable timeline for immediate application and execution. Roger has a gift for analysis and synthesis and shares these skills in a thoughtful and personal manner. He can get to the heart of any question and lead you to your own best answer. He has supported me in a grounded and empowered way, which has allowed me to build a powerful bridge to manifesting my visions and dreams.

Zemirah Jazwierska, Flow of Genius

Roger was more than helpful.  He listened intently and clarified my questions fully so that he understood what I needed.  Roger was approachable and easy going, stopping along the way to explain often confusing legal speak and processes…all the while maintaining complete professionalism.

Taylor Replane, Entrepreneur

Roger has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and really brings a nice sense of perspective and practicality to legal issues that make people go off the deep end. He is the Voice of Reason in the rough and tumble world of Internet IP.

Judy Murdoch, Business Coach