Founder Disputes

Starting a business is a lot like getting married.

You choose one or two co-founders and begin building your dream business.  Everything is going along well until something changes.  Maybe the founders have different visions for the company, maybe they have different work ethics, maybe one person suddenly loses interest in the business, or maybe someone gets a better offer to join another startup.

It all seems good at first, but then something changes.

There two choices for founder disputes: (1) file a law suit; or (2) work out a deal.   For most startups, No. 1 is not an option because the costs of going to court are prohibitive.  That means the best choice is often No. 2.

We help co-founder to find creative solutions that are win-win (or at least avoid lose-lose).  We put all viable solutions on the table, whether the alternatives involve founder buy-out, raising capital, or restructuring equity and incentives.

The goal is to keep the business moving forward.  If you have founder issues, we can help.