We help clients review, draft and negotiate a wide range of contracts for customers, suppliers, distributors, licensing, personnel, financing, joint ventures, and sale of business.

And, we offer clients choice.  Every entrepreneur or business owner is different.  Some have experience with drafting and negotiating contacts, some don’t.  And even experienced business executives have to deal with new contracts once in a while.  To make it easier to work with us, we offer three levels of service.


This basic level of service provides a review of a proposed document and the issues of concern to the client along with comments or suggestions on how to address specific issues. This service is intended to assist clients who intend to negotiate and draft the agreements themselves.


This enhanced level of service provides drafting of a proposed document authored by the firm, the client, or a third party.  This may also be suitable for clients who just want the attorney to “make whatever changes may be appropriate.”


This premium level of service provides negotiation of a proposed document, during which the attorney will negotiate directly with another attorney, or advise the client how to negotiate the required changes.  If requested, the attorney will submit the revisions to opposing counsel, handle negotiations of the transaction, and keep the client informed of the progress.